eLearning Games for Kids- Cowboy Bomber

My fondest memories as a kid had to do with three things: Play, play and more play! Learning games have been around for many years but, now we have the capability of creating games with elearning authoring software such as Articulate Storyline.  This post is about the development of a game sample named Cowboy Bomber, an […]

Free Halloween Feud-style Articulate SL1 game and source files!

Happy Halloween Feud! Enjoy Halloween with this Articulate SL1 game mimicking the popular “Family Feud” game. You can play it here or download the source files to enhance it at your will. The game has a very simple structure and it’s not a fully developed one.  However, if you are eLearning dangerous (like me ; […]

Hospitality Training through gamification: A beta project

So, I’ve been toying with the idea of developing an eLearning experience that records only interactions.  Imagine training your staff through case scenarios that are presented in game format, no need for boring static content and making your new hires solve situations through simulations of the real world. Is currently just a beta project for […]