We shouldn’t stop using the term “learner” unless…

Last week I read a post from JD Dillon on “Why we should stop using the term “learner” when we refer to those folks we serve through our Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives.  JD’s position on the topic clearly reflects why learning in the workplace is the best industry to be in from a vendor perspective. […]

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Free IT learning and then some…

It’s hard to find ways to continue to learn about Information Technology (IT) without going bankrupt or settling for old (outdated) training at an affordable price. If you are like me and learning is the joyful process of jamming as much knowledge as possible in the vast storage space that we have for brains; then […]

The Inquisition of Learning Styles

The training industry is a very trend-driven community feeding of any concept or theorem by linking them to buzzwords such as “e-learning”, “m-learning”, “blended learning” and of course “learning styles”. The latter has been the recent focus of many researchers, bloggers and even has made the January 2014 issue of T + D magazine published […]