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It’s your eLearning authoring tool SaaSsy?

eLearning authoring tools have come a long way from the days we called it Computer Based Training or CBT. Today we have some great authoring tools that empower anyone with a few skills and lots of imagination to create highly engaging interactive experiences. There’s only one issue, many of the most popular tools like Adobe […]

Let’s take it to the Bridge: The LMS Review

Instructure is the company responsible for one of the most revolutionizing Learning Management Systems (LMS) in Higher Education: Canvas! Now the company takes on the business world head on with its newest LMS solution aptly named Bridge. StyleLearn had an exclusive view of Bridge at Instructure’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The following is […]

How to pick your Pharmacy Management System?

Whether you work in a retail, long term care or specialty pharmacy, you would probably benefit from being “technically dangerous” when thinking about investing thousands of dollars in pharmacy management systems and software.  What do I mean by “technically dangerous”?  By that, I mean knowing enough so you can make the best decision and generate […]