Map to find the best LMS

The worst LMS in the world is Within your HCMS

The worst Learning Management Systems (LMS) in the world are likely the top-selling ones. Why are they the worst? They are the worst because you didn’t purchase a LMS, you purchased a small integrated portion of a Human Capital Management System or HCMS. I’ve used, implemented, managed and played with several systems and thus far […]

Microsoft Lync

Become a Office Rockstar with these Microsoft Lync Power Moves

Instant Messaging is a very effective way to quickly gain access to key players and coworkers in your organization without clogging your email inbox. Chances are that if your company uses Microsoft Outlook for email communications, you probably use Microsoft Lync for your Instant Messaging (IM) needs. If the latter is true or even if […]

Let’s take it to the Bridge: The LMS Review

Instructure is the company responsible for one of the most revolutionizing Learning Management Systems (LMS) in Higher Education: Canvas! Now the company takes on the business world head on with its newest LMS solution aptly named Bridge. StyleLearn had an exclusive view of Bridge at Instructure’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The following is […]

Camtasia Studio 8 : Quick eLearning Anyone Can Use!

Hi everyone! I’m back and with a great product: Camtasia Studio 8.  This is the first of a couple posts showing most of the features Camtasia has to offer.  I think this product is great for companies that need to put content out to staff quickly and still manage to include multimedia and interactive elements.  […]

How to pick your Pharmacy Management System?

Whether you work in a retail, long term care or specialty pharmacy, you would probably benefit from being “technically dangerous” when thinking about investing thousands of dollars in pharmacy management systems and software.  What do I mean by “technically dangerous”?  By that, I mean knowing enough so you can make the best decision and generate […]