Learning Objectives on Target

Solving the Mystery of Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are a critical piece of any course or learning activity involving adults. They are preliminary statements providing adult learners with clear guidance (when written effectively) about the expected outcome of their involvement in the learning activity. One can then assume that their primary purpose is to inform the learner. However, learning objectives have […]

Slide Master Controls

Another 3 Ways to Rock Out Your Presentation

A couple of days ago I wrote a post on LinkedIn titled “3 Ways to Develop Better Presentations”. Today I offer a follow up with three more “hidden treasure” techniques in PowerPoint for my fellow trainers and presenters who want to sharpen their design skills. TECHNIQUE 1- Create Your Own Master Template Do you find […]

To Articulate or Captivate…? That is the question!

Adobe Captivate CS8 and Articulate Storyline2 are considered the leading elearning authoring software tools due to their ability to generate great learning interactions. Captivate has been in the “game” for about 11 years while Storyline’s first version was released in 2012. I get often asked this question at work: “Hey Alex, we are going to […]