Virtual Learning

Make Online Training Less “Virtual”

Online training or Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) has gained tremendous popularity for its cost reducing advantages and the ability to accommodate large audiences across geographical boundaries.  However, here’s yet another learning technology that has been abused and poorly utilized to maximize learning opportunities.  In most instances, VILT is delivered as a passive learning experience […]

Let’s take it to the Bridge: The LMS Review

Instructure is the company responsible for one of the most revolutionizing Learning Management Systems (LMS) in Higher Education: Canvas! Now the company takes on the business world head on with its newest LMS solution aptly named Bridge. StyleLearn had an exclusive view of Bridge at Instructure’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The following is […]

David Kelly form the e-Learning Guild

Life After LSCON15: The NOOB Review

It has been a week since the eLearning Guild’s 2015 Learning Solutions Conference ended and life is not the same. Or is it? In this NOOB review, I give you my take on the conference as a learning experience and also a first-timer’s overview of the GREAT and MEH moments of the event. LEARNING COURSES […]

Creating Interactive Charts with Motion Paths in Articulate StoryLine2

It has been a couple of weeks since I was able to participate in Articulate’s E-learning Heroes e-learning challenges.  This week the challenge is to create an interactive chart to find engaging ways in which to display data using Articulate Storyline2 (SL2).  The source of my data was a chart from the Association for Talent […]

Camtasia Studio 8 : Quick eLearning Anyone Can Use!

Hi everyone! I’m back and with a great product: Camtasia Studio 8.  This is the first of a couple posts showing most of the features Camtasia has to offer.  I think this product is great for companies that need to put content out to staff quickly and still manage to include multimedia and interactive elements.  […]