We shouldn’t stop using the term “learner” unless…

Last week I read a post from JD Dillon on “Why we should stop using the term “learner” when we refer to those folks we serve through our Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives.  JD’s position on the topic clearly reflects why learning in the workplace is the best industry to be in from a vendor perspective. […]


L&D: The 3 Dimensions of Effective Learning

For most of my career in Learning & Development or L&D,  I’ve been a frustrated spectator at an individual contributor level. I would watch endless  attempts to provide effective training which merely stopped at content delivery. Not matter how I tried to influence my previous leaders, we would encounter unsurpassable barriers ranging from lack of […]

Animal Feud: A great game for recall of multiple answers

Family Feud is a very popular game and TV show.  I love the game and it was the inspiration for this elearning version developed in Articulate Storyline2 that can be applied to various learning scenarios.  In this version, I chose to make it an individual challenge in which the learner has 10 seconds to answer correctly […]


Litmos by CallidusCloud has been around since 2007 and it has become a great and simple Learning Management System (LMS) to use.  It’s not only simple, it pretty much uses the current Hyper Transfer Markup Language 5 (HTML5) capabilities to the maximum to provide a learner-centric navigation experience both on desktops and mobile devices.     […]

Free Halloween Feud-style Articulate SL1 game and source files!

Happy Halloween Feud! Enjoy Halloween with this Articulate SL1 game mimicking the popular “Family Feud” game. You can play it here or download the source files to enhance it at your will. The game has a very simple structure and it’s not a fully developed one.  However, if you are eLearning dangerous (like me ; […]

How to pick your Pharmacy Management System?

Whether you work in a retail, long term care or specialty pharmacy, you would probably benefit from being “technically dangerous” when thinking about investing thousands of dollars in pharmacy management systems and software.  What do I mean by “technically dangerous”?  By that, I mean knowing enough so you can make the best decision and generate […]

To SAM or Not To SAM?

The Successive Approximation Model or SAM is the latest and greatest proposal in Instructional Systems Design (ISD) getting significant fanfare by the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).  However, if you are a learning professional, leader,  trainer or instructional designer you have probably heard of ADDIE as “The” instructional design model to follow for more […]