Camera screen viewer

Video Editing Skills for eLearning Designers

Video editing is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of what an eLearning designer does. The reality is eLearning designers need to know the basic of several disciplines to create highly engaging learning experiences. Video production and editing skills are priceless for the effectiveness of any multimedia eLearning project. […]

GoAnimate character

Explainer Video Apps for Learning Professionals

Explainer videos, you have seen them all over the place.  Explainer videos are animated shorts presented in video format and about 3 to 5 minutes long   What’s makes them so special and why should you, the learning professional, care? Well, this post answers those questions, gives you a sample and leaves you with a […]

Storyline2 Panning

Panning and Motion Tips in Storyline2

Last week I submitted a project for Elearning Heroes’ Challenge #126 which has several video backgrounds.  In some of the videos I created a panning and motion illusion using Storyline2.  Panning is when a camera moves with the frame creating a motion effect.  Panning is best achieve with video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or […]

Removing Video Background for eLearning

Instructional videos have always been considered a great way to convey knowledge or illustrate concepts. This week I did a bit of quick green screen video editing to create a mock TV show dubbed “eLearning Legends: Atsumi”. Why? Another awesome ELH Challenge of course!  This week’s challenge #101 was inspired by the presence of Atsumi […]

Power Up Your Elearning with Adobe After Effects

ZOOMING AND PANNING BEFORE AFTER LAYERED COMPOSITION Original Image Layered Pieces Here you see all elements of the original image isolated except for the background. After The result is a 5 second introduction sequence that shows movement of what seem to be a still image.

SavefromNet a Video Download Site

Downloading YouTube Videos for Your Elearning Projects 4FREE!

Recently I was helping a colleague with a development issue where she wanted to control user navigation on a Storyline2 elearning module pending on the completion of viewing a video. The problem was the video resides on another site. So, how can you help the user view the desired video content without leaving the elearning […]

Video Podcast

How do Instructional Designers get things done? A Podcast Challenge

Instructional Designers are a very misunderstood occupational breed, That’s why I was glad to see that this week’s ELearning Heroes Challenge #67 was to record a podcast to answer a set of questions driven to provide new insight to those not familiar with the skills and responsibilities of an Instructional Designer (ID). Traditionally, IDs have […]

Camtasia Studio 8 : Quick eLearning Anyone Can Use!

Hi everyone! I’m back and with a great product: Camtasia Studio 8.  This is the first of a couple posts showing most of the features Camtasia has to offer.  I think this product is great for companies that need to put content out to staff quickly and still manage to include multimedia and interactive elements.  […]