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Video Editing Skills for eLearning Designers

Video editing is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of what an eLearning designer does. The reality is eLearning designers need to know the basic of several disciplines to create highly engaging learning experiences. Video production and editing skills are priceless for the effectiveness of any multimedia eLearning project. […]

Active Shooter

Active Shooter eLearning Experience

Mass shootings are a sad reality of our times and can happen to anyone, anywhere.  Recently, active shooter courses have become a staple of compliance training for many companies. Last year, I designed an active shooter elearning course which was my submission for LSDemoFest at LSCON16.  Even though it was not a winner, the feedback given […]

Storyline2 Panning

Panning and Motion Tips in Storyline2

Last week I submitted a project for Elearning Heroes’ Challenge #126 which has several video backgrounds.  In some of the videos I created a panning and motion illusion using Storyline2.  Panning is when a camera moves with the frame creating a motion effect.  Panning is best achieve with video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or […]

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First Person Role Play Scenario in e-learning

A scenario using First Person Role Play (FPRP) is a great way to engage learners from the start in e-learning courses.  If we think of it, the idea of playing a character in e-learning scenarios aligns very well with the notion of adults being self-directed learners.  In the gaming industry, games that apply this concept […]

Bloom's Pyramid

Slide Masters in Storyline2- Embedded Interactions

One key advantage of Articulate’s Storyline2(SL2) is the ability to control interactions from a slide master.  This makes changes and updates a painless and automated approach which would save you a ton of hours.  Slide masters are usually helpful to standardize design elements such as fonts, image placement, formatting, backgrounds, etc.  They are essential for […]

SavefromNet a Video Download Site

Downloading YouTube Videos for Your Elearning Projects 4FREE!

Recently I was helping a colleague with a development issue where she wanted to control user navigation on a Storyline2 elearning module pending on the completion of viewing a video. The problem was the video resides on another site. So, how can you help the user view the desired video content without leaving the elearning […]

people slider

3 Slider Tips in Articulate StoryLine2

One of Articulate Storyline2’s feature is the slider interaction. The slider is a powerful interaction because you can give the learner real-time outcomes based on the position (step) he or she drags the slider button to. Although you can simulate slider interactions in other authoring tools (usually installing external widgets), nothing compares to the ease-of-use […]

Creating Interactive Charts with Motion Paths in Articulate StoryLine2

It has been a couple of weeks since I was able to participate in Articulate’s E-learning Heroes e-learning challenges.  This week the challenge is to create an interactive chart to find engaging ways in which to display data using Articulate Storyline2 (SL2).  The source of my data was a chart from the Association for Talent […]

Animal Feud: A great game for recall of multiple answers

Family Feud is a very popular game and TV show.  I love the game and it was the inspiration for this elearning version developed in Articulate Storyline2 that can be applied to various learning scenarios.  In this version, I chose to make it an individual challenge in which the learner has 10 seconds to answer correctly […]

eLearning Games for Kids- Cowboy Bomber

My fondest memories as a kid had to do with three things: Play, play and more play! Learning games have been around for many years but, now we have the capability of creating games with elearning authoring software such as Articulate Storyline.  This post is about the development of a game sample named Cowboy Bomber, an […]

Free Halloween Feud-style Articulate SL1 game and source files!

Happy Halloween Feud! Enjoy Halloween with this Articulate SL1 game mimicking the popular “Family Feud” game. You can play it here or download the source files to enhance it at your will. The game has a very simple structure and it’s not a fully developed one.  However, if you are eLearning dangerous (like me ; […]

Hospitality Training through gamification: A beta project

So, I’ve been toying with the idea of developing an eLearning experience that records only interactions.  Imagine training your staff through case scenarios that are presented in game format, no need for boring static content and making your new hires solve situations through simulations of the real world. Is currently just a beta project for […]

Camtasia Studio 8 : Quick eLearning Anyone Can Use!

Hi everyone! I’m back and with a great product: Camtasia Studio 8.  This is the first of a couple posts showing most of the features Camtasia has to offer.  I think this product is great for companies that need to put content out to staff quickly and still manage to include multimedia and interactive elements.  […]

iTunesU: Where were you when I was 12!

I love technology but, it’s just not fair.  I remember being 12 and having to spend so many hours researching content for my school projects while traveling many miles between bookstores and libraries to find what I needed.  Now, imagine having complete access to every media library at every major university in the world! Ok, open your eyes, […]

To SAM or Not To SAM?

The Successive Approximation Model or SAM is the latest and greatest proposal in Instructional Systems Design (ISD) getting significant fanfare by the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).  However, if you are a learning professional, leader,  trainer or instructional designer you have probably heard of ADDIE as “The” instructional design model to follow for more […]