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Tips on Academic to Corporate Instructional Design Crossover

Lately, I’ve been getting several requests from academic professionals for tips on how to cross over to the Learning and Development (L&D) arena.  My first reaction to these requests was “Really? Why would you want to do that?”, I find it interesting because I’ve always been attracted to academic environments.  After thinking a bit through […]

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Instructional Design is not Information Technology or is it?

Instructional Designers or IDs are in need of several skills which are often not developed in academic programs and are only gained by work experience.  Even then, IDs have a propensity to be “techie” in their talk about project requirements and may often mimic the behaviors of an Information Technology or IT professional.  You know, […]

Design Learning Experiences with Synapse

Synapse is a learning experience design tool for documenting the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation or ADDIE process of instructional design.  As an instructional designer, I always struggled with limited resources to document all stages of a learning project.  Often this meant having to manually deal with content versions, shared drives, spreadsheets and other […]

eLearning Gamification Conversions

Gamification is a hot topic in the L&D industry today.  To be honest, I think I always used gamification before it got its name.  From early childhood we learned to love games because they are fun, they have rules and they are challenging.  In other words, games are everything school is not.   As an […]

Nine Events

9 Events Every Trainer Should Know

Robert Gagné (1916-2002) gave us many concepts surrounding the learning process in adults.  However, his most significant contribution to all of us in the Learning and Development (L&D) world is known as “Gagné’s 9 Events of Instruction”.  Whether you are a Subject Matter Expert (SME) who is or wants to become a trainer, any training course […]

Custom eLearning Timers in Storyline2

Time is the only commodity we can’t buy, we can only use it or it’s gone.  When I’m not defeating elearning evil (that is, preventing ineffective and\or boring learning from happening) I usually develop learning solutions for call center personnel.  So, what’s so relevant about that? Well, call center professionals have everything “timed” on their schedules.  Therefore, […]

Getting Giffy With It: Creating GIFs for Elearning

GIFs or Graphic Interchange format images provide you with the ability to animate images or video for use on web sites and even elearning modules. This week’s Elearning Heroes Challenge #83 is about creating 10 GIFs that could be used for a learning course or even to describe the instructional design process. For my sample […]

Learning Objectives on Target

Solving the Mystery of Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are a critical piece of any course or learning activity involving adults. They are preliminary statements providing adult learners with clear guidance (when written effectively) about the expected outcome of their involvement in the learning activity. One can then assume that their primary purpose is to inform the learner. However, learning objectives have […]

Slide Master Controls

Another 3 Ways to Rock Out Your Presentation

A couple of days ago I wrote a post on LinkedIn titled “3 Ways to Develop Better Presentations”. Today I offer a follow up with three more “hidden treasure” techniques in PowerPoint for my fellow trainers and presenters who want to sharpen their design skills. TECHNIQUE 1- Create Your Own Master Template Do you find […]

To Articulate or Captivate…? That is the question!

Adobe Captivate CS8 and Articulate Storyline2 are considered the leading elearning authoring software tools due to their ability to generate great learning interactions. Captivate has been in the “game” for about 11 years while Storyline’s first version was released in 2012. I get often asked this question at work: “Hey Alex, we are going to […]

Video Podcast

How do Instructional Designers get things done? A Podcast Challenge

Instructional Designers are a very misunderstood occupational breed, That’s why I was glad to see that this week’s ELearning Heroes Challenge #67 was to record a podcast to answer a set of questions driven to provide new insight to those not familiar with the skills and responsibilities of an Instructional Designer (ID). Traditionally, IDs have […]

The StyleLearn Invoice

Creating Your Own Invoice Design

“The key point of incorporating some design strategies into your invoice is to make it stand out from the rest of the competition”

Creating Interactive Charts with Motion Paths in Articulate StoryLine2

It has been a couple of weeks since I was able to participate in Articulate’s E-learning Heroes e-learning challenges.  This week the challenge is to create an interactive chart to find engaging ways in which to display data using Articulate Storyline2 (SL2).  The source of my data was a chart from the Association for Talent […]

Animal Feud: A great game for recall of multiple answers

Family Feud is a very popular game and TV show.  I love the game and it was the inspiration for this elearning version developed in Articulate Storyline2 that can be applied to various learning scenarios.  In this version, I chose to make it an individual challenge in which the learner has 10 seconds to answer correctly […]

eLearning Games for Kids- Cowboy Bomber

My fondest memories as a kid had to do with three things: Play, play and more play! Learning games have been around for many years but, now we have the capability of creating games with elearning authoring software such as Articulate Storyline.  This post is about the development of a game sample named Cowboy Bomber, an […]

To SAM or Not To SAM?

The Successive Approximation Model or SAM is the latest and greatest proposal in Instructional Systems Design (ISD) getting significant fanfare by the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).  However, if you are a learning professional, leader,  trainer or instructional designer you have probably heard of ADDIE as “The” instructional design model to follow for more […]