Sign of Overcoming Barriers to Games and Gamification for Learning

Barriers to Games and Gamification for Learning

Games and gamification have been around for hundreds of years.  Last week I had the pleasure of participating as a panelist to discuss common barriers to games and gamification in organizational learning at DevLearn 2017 in Las Vegas.  I shared the floor with Marci Morford and Nick Floro who are well known practitioners of gamified learning […]

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Instructional Design is not Information Technology or is it?

Instructional Designers or IDs are in need of several skills which are often not developed in academic programs and are only gained by work experience.  Even then, IDs have a propensity to be “techie” in their talk about project requirements and may often mimic the behaviors of an Information Technology or IT professional.  You know, […]

Map to find the best LMS

The worst LMS in the world is Within your HCMS

The worst Learning Management Systems (LMS) in the world are likely the top-selling ones. Why are they the worst? They are the worst because you didn’t purchase a LMS, you purchased a small integrated portion of a Human Capital Management System or HCMS. I’ve used, implemented, managed and played with several systems and thus far […]

L & D Practices

10 L&D Worst Practices Everyone Must Know

Best practices have a common popularity among business people.  This is a great way to incite quality work but, it’s also easy to see how Learning and Development (L&D) may have trouble identifying what those best practices consist of. Therefore, in good StyleLearn fashion, here are some great worst practices with the hope enabling anyone […]

ILT Strategies

3 Solid Strategies For Smarter ILT Experiences

Instructor Led Training (ILT) is still vibrant and dominating the Learning and Development (L&D) landscape.  However, there are many reasons ILT is the worst, most inefficient and effective way to transfer knowledge and skills.  The only edge ILT has on any other learning medium is the human aspect and the ability to ask questions ad […]

Active Shooter

Active Shooter eLearning Experience

Mass shootings are a sad reality of our times and can happen to anyone, anywhere.  Recently, active shooter courses have become a staple of compliance training for many companies. Last year, I designed an active shooter elearning course which was my submission for LSDemoFest at LSCON16.  Even though it was not a winner, the feedback given […]


L&D: The 3 Dimensions of Effective Learning

For most of my career in Learning & Development or L&D,  I’ve been a frustrated spectator at an individual contributor level. I would watch endless  attempts to provide effective training which merely stopped at content delivery. Not matter how I tried to influence my previous leaders, we would encounter unsurpassable barriers ranging from lack of […]

Effective Software Training Strategies

In a world where most businesses use many computer applications to document and track transactions; trainers often struggle to provide effective software training.  The most common occurrence explaining why this happens is the appointment of a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the application to conduct the training.  SMEs tend to view the world through their our […]

Nine Events

9 Events Every Trainer Should Know

Robert Gagné (1916-2002) gave us many concepts surrounding the learning process in adults.  However, his most significant contribution to all of us in the Learning and Development (L&D) world is known as “Gagné’s 9 Events of Instruction”.  Whether you are a Subject Matter Expert (SME) who is or wants to become a trainer, any training course […]

Power Up Your Elearning with Adobe After Effects

ZOOMING AND PANNING BEFORE AFTER LAYERED COMPOSITION Original Image Layered Pieces Here you see all elements of the original image isolated except for the background. After The result is a 5 second introduction sequence that shows movement of what seem to be a still image.

Microsoft Lync

Become a Office Rockstar with these Microsoft Lync Power Moves

Instant Messaging is a very effective way to quickly gain access to key players and coworkers in your organization without clogging your email inbox. Chances are that if your company uses Microsoft Outlook for email communications, you probably use Microsoft Lync for your Instant Messaging (IM) needs. If the latter is true or even if […]

people slider

3 Slider Tips in Articulate StoryLine2

One of Articulate Storyline2’s feature is the slider interaction. The slider is a powerful interaction because you can give the learner real-time outcomes based on the position (step) he or she drags the slider button to. Although you can simulate slider interactions in other authoring tools (usually installing external widgets), nothing compares to the ease-of-use […]

Slide Master Controls

Another 3 Ways to Rock Out Your Presentation

A couple of days ago I wrote a post on LinkedIn titled “3 Ways to Develop Better Presentations”. Today I offer a follow up with three more “hidden treasure” techniques in PowerPoint for my fellow trainers and presenters who want to sharpen their design skills. TECHNIQUE 1- Create Your Own Master Template Do you find […]

Take Your Training to the Next Level with Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

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