Lectora Inspire12

Creating an Interactive Chart in Lectora12

Lectora Inspire12 Lectora Inspire12’s navigation panel looks as easy as SL2’s but, I still found it a bit difficult to quickly develop functionality. The main features I missed from SL2 where the Format Painter and Animation Painter which allows you to quickly copy Shape States and Animation Paths from one object to another. It seems […]

Creating Interactive Charts with Motion Paths in Articulate StoryLine2

It has been a couple of weeks since I was able to participate in Articulate’s E-learning Heroes e-learning challenges.  This week the challenge is to create an interactive chart to find engaging ways in which to display data using Articulate Storyline2 (SL2).  The source of my data was a chart from the Association for Talent […]

Animal Feud: A great game for recall of multiple answers

Family Feud is a very popular game and TV show.  I love the game and it was the inspiration for this elearning version developed in Articulate Storyline2 that can be applied to various learning scenarios.  In this version, I chose to make it an individual challenge in which the learner has 10 seconds to answer correctly […]