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Downloading YouTube Videos for Your Elearning Projects 4FREE!

Recently I was helping a colleague with a development issue where she wanted to control user navigation on a Storyline2 elearning module pending on the completion of viewing a video. The problem was the video resides on another site. So, how can you help the user view the desired video content without leaving the elearning […]

Microsoft Lync

Become a Office Rockstar with these Microsoft Lync Power Moves

Instant Messaging is a very effective way to quickly gain access to key players and coworkers in your organization without clogging your email inbox. Chances are that if your company uses Microsoft Outlook for email communications, you probably use Microsoft Lync for your Instant Messaging (IM) needs. If the latter is true or even if […]

people slider

3 Slider Tips in Articulate StoryLine2

One of Articulate Storyline2’s feature is the slider interaction. The slider is a powerful interaction because you can give the learner real-time outcomes based on the position (step) he or she drags the slider button to. Although you can simulate slider interactions in other authoring tools (usually installing external widgets), nothing compares to the ease-of-use […]