Adobe Captivate 7: Glitchy eLearning

Captivate 7 is the latest instance of one of the top contenders in the eLearning authoring software arena from Adobe.  However, although it has many built-in features for interaction like its main rival Articulate Storyline; the application reveals many glitches on the final product.  Hence the importance of allowing ample testing time as an Instructional Designer so […]

Download YouTube videos with DVDVideoSoft’s Free Downloader!

The YouTube Downloader is an awesome application I use to extract videos from YouTube. Not only does this application allow you to download the video but, it also converts it to any other video friendly format i.e. MP3, MP4, WMV and AVI. I found this app most useful when you want to beef up your […]

Maximize your LMS use with SCORM2004

That’s right! Are you taking advantage of the Shareable Content Object Reference Model or SCORM on your Learning Management System (LMS)?  SCORM is the protocol by which multimedia courses can report their results to the LMS. Why is it important? Courses that are developed in Captivate 7 or Articulate Storyline can be configured to be […]

iTunesU: Where were you when I was 12!

I love technology but, it’s just not fair.  I remember being 12 and having to spend so many hours researching content for my school projects while traveling many miles between bookstores and libraries to find what I needed.  Now, imagine having complete access to every media library at every major university in the world! Ok, open your eyes, […]

PowerPoint Timer Slides

Here’s something to share with my fellow Trainers and Instructional Designers out there.  PowerPoint slides can be creatively used to compliment your training environment and help interact by providing the following:  Timed Q&A slides for quick answers on the spot  Exam slide counting down from 45 minutes Other timer slides counting down from 20, 15 and […]

TLC on the CLT

Are you aware of the cognitive load your training materials place on your adult learners?  Cognitive Load Theory or CLT has been around for at least 25 years but, after reading this you may reconsider the structure of your training curriculum. Sweller and CLT John Sweller is an Australian educational psychologist who brought forth the notion […]

The Inquisition of Learning Styles

The training industry is a very trend-driven community feeding of any concept or theorem by linking them to buzzwords such as “e-learning”, “m-learning”, “blended learning” and of course “learning styles”. The latter has been the recent focus of many researchers, bloggers and even has made the January 2014 issue of T + D magazine published […]

What do the top 10 Fortune 500 companies of 2013 have in common?

These companies get listed by their financial prowess year after year. Most of them have an impact on the global economy and  share one common feature: Vision. Aside from their mission statements, these companies have invested in communicating their vision not only to their shareholders but, more importantly to their workforce.  Below is a list with […]

Are You Professionally Obsolete?

We quite often refer to technology and the resources we use as being obsolete once they no longer serve their original purpose. We might even deem them obsolete if they serve their purpose but, there’s a newer thing out there that can do it faster and\or cheaper.  Is that the case when we refer to […]

How to pick your Pharmacy Management System?

Whether you work in a retail, long term care or specialty pharmacy, you would probably benefit from being “technically dangerous” when thinking about investing thousands of dollars in pharmacy management systems and software.  What do I mean by “technically dangerous”?  By that, I mean knowing enough so you can make the best decision and generate […]