Zooming Interactions

Zoom and Magnifying Storyline2 Elearning Interactions

This week’s Elearning Heroes Challenge #114 highlights the use of zooming and magnification of images with Storyline2 (SL2). I put together a sample which shows an image of London which allows the user to zoom into specific sections for a closer look of the city. The “Zoom Region” feature in SL2 makes the creation of […]

Virtual Learning

Make Online Training Less “Virtual”

Online training or Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) has gained tremendous popularity for its cost reducing advantages and the ability to accommodate large audiences across geographical boundaries.  However, here’s yet another learning technology that has been abused and poorly utilized to maximize learning opportunities.  In most instances, VILT is delivered as a passive learning experience […]

iTunesU: Where were you when I was 12!

I love technology but, it’s just not fair.  I remember being 12 and having to spend so many hours researching content for my school projects while traveling many miles between bookstores and libraries to find what I needed.  Now, imagine having complete access to every media library at every major university in the world! Ok, open your eyes, […]